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    At the October 18 Board meeting, Superintendent Maurice Ghysels presented preliminary budget reductions to the Board of over $5.5 million over the next three years to address the structural deficit faced by the district as a result of the expiring 2010 parcel tax and the failure to pass a new parcel tax last May. Additionally, the district faces increased enrollment as a result of the great program MPCSD offers and increased mandated contribution rates to the state teacher retirement system. 
    A large crowd filled the Hillview PAC at the October 18 Board meeting; you can read the Almanac's coverage of the meeting and examples of the proposed cuts. 
    The Communications Advisory Committee strongly encourages parents to be informed and involved. There's still time to come up with a plan to address the issues facing the district; we need your involvement now!
    Please attend one of the upcoming Community Input Sessions at the Hillview Performing Arts Center (PAC). For your convenience, the Board is offering a morning and evening session.

    • October 24 @ 9:00 a.m.: Day-time Special Board meeting to hear from the community on willingness to renew or increase the expiring 2010 parcel tax. Comments regarding the proposed cuts are also welcome. 
    • October 25 @ 6:00 p.m.: Evening-time Special Board meeting to hear from the community on willingness to renew or increase the expiring 2010 parcel tax. Comments regarding the proposed cuts are also welcome.
    Can't attend? Don't like to speak at public meetings? We understand. We have developed an online form for you to submit your online input before October 31​. Feel free to submit today. 
    What will happen next? The Board will consider all the input and provide direction to the staff and community beginning at the November 9 Regular Board meeting, which will begin at 6:00 p.m. in the Hillview PAC. 
    Want to find out more information? Keep up-to-date in the Announcement section of the MPCSD website on the left side of the front page. 
    Have questions? Want answers? Email the District's Communication Advisory Team at
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    MPCSD faces a structural deficit that requires important and difficult decisions on the part of the Board and Leadership Team. All MPCSD parents and community members are invited to learn more, share your voice, and get involved.


    Learn more: This fall the School Board has scheduled three Community Input Sessions on September 27, October 24 and 25. Please join the discussion and provide feedback. Click here for a calendar of events.


    Share your voice: In addition to the Community Input Sessions listed above, this online feedback form will remain open through the end of October. Whether you can't attend the input sessions, prefer to have your input remain anonymous, or choose written input over spoken input, we invite you to complete the form. All feedback will be reported to the Board.


    Get involved: By attending an input session, providing feedback through the online feedback form, asking questions or request information, please feel free to email the members of the Superintendent's Communication Advisory Team at


    To view the video transcript of the September 27 Special Board meeting click here. To read the meeting transcript click here. A PDF copy of the introductory slide deck presented by the Advisory Committee on Communication is available here.

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    In partnership with OpenGov, we're pleased to provide an interactive reporting tool of all District revenues and expenditures. Click here to learn more about MPCSD's OpenGov portal.

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