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Hillview Middle School Facility Development

The new Hillview School is officially open!  On August 28th, Hillview opened its doors to 700 community members, parents, students and staff. The guest were greeted to beautiful new school that includes a large courtyard, new performing auditorium than can seat 400, library media center, administration building, and 50 teaching classrooms.  After some reflection and greetings by Board President Laura Rich, Superintendent Maurice Ghysels, former Superintendent Ken Ranella, and new Principal Erik Burmeister, the ribbon to the new school was cut by the Board of Education and the guests were able to tour the school.

Portable classrooms have been removed from the school site or demolished.  Demolition of the old school will continue for the a bit. As part of our environmental efforts, building materials are being separated and recycled/disposed in a proper manner. Asphalt from the roadways and concrete from the buildings will be reused on site. This will help save energy cost as well as help our recycling efforts.  

Construction of the new synthetic all-purpose field is scheduled for the fall with all work to be completed by December 1, 2012. Work on the new kitchen and lunch shelter are continuing.  Students will eat in the courtyard until the lunch area is complete.

We understand that the past 17 months of construction have been difficult on the community but we are almost at the end and when completed the new Hillview Middle School will be a community treasure for all to enjoy.

Here is the video which was shown at the August 28th Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. It chronicles the evolution of our new school:

Our wonderful Hillview students made a video of the new Hillview campus:

Uncovering the New Hillview from Brian Darmanin on Vimeo.

Current Progress

The Hillview Construction project is proceeding extremely well. All the buildings with the exception of the Auditorium building will be completed by mid June allowing the District . The Auditorium Building will be completed by mid August. The existing school will be demolished starting June 29th.

a little "good-bye" graffiti
Emptied woodshop before it all comes down!

The overhang outside the Multi

Good-bye overhang!

All gone!

Scaffolding coming down and debris being sorted

Going, going...gone!

Goodbye portables...all gone!

Our new entrance!
Courtyard is almost done

Inside of new auditorium - looking towards stage

Inside of auditorium - Base for new seating

New office looking out into the courtyard

Teacher's Workroom

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The New Hillview Middle School Includes:
  • 85,000 SF of new facility space
  • 48 teaching stations, which includes:
    • Music classroom
    • Choir classroom
    • Broadcast studio classroom
    • 9 Science classrooms
    • Industrial technology classroom
    • Art classroom
    • Special Day classroom
    • Computer classroom
  • Performing Arts/Multipurpose Building
    • 400-person seating performing arts room
    • Large stage with dressing room
  • Administration/Library and Media Building
  • Student activity room
  • Interior courtyard with outside stage area
  • Modernization of existing gym with new fitness room and kitchen facilities
  • Expanded school storage
  • New basketball courts
  • New synthetic athletic field and track
  • New lunch shelter
  • New drop-off/pick-up and expanded parking

Green Features:

Hillview Middle School has been designed as a CHPS verified school with green components included in all facets of the design and construction.  This includes the following:
  • Stormwater management through retention pond, bio-swales, and underground storage
  • Garden with rainwater collection system
  • Synthetic athletic field to reduce water usage
  • Low water use plants and fully automated irrigation system
  • Cool roofs and asphalt areas
  • Water conservation through ultra-low flush toilets and fixtures
  • Energy efficiency
    • Energy efficient lighting and automated controls
    • LED exterior lighting fixtures
    • Smart master lighting control system
    • Maximum use of daylighting
  • Photovoltaic solar energy system to offset the school’s energy usage
  • Charging stations for electrical vehicles
  • Dual-glazed and fully operable windows
  • Exterior sun shades
  • Energy efficient heating and cooling systems
  • Energy management systems
  • Natural ventilation systems
  • Use of recycled materials in building components
  • Use of low emitting VOCs in building materials
  • Acoustically quiet teaching spaces
  • Educational components
    • Garden area
    • Web based monitoring of school’s energy production and usage
    • Web based weather station
  • Construction waste management
  • Bicycle and pedestrian friendly school
  • Joint-Use facilities (City of Menlo Park)
    • Tinker Park
    • New synthetic athletic field

Award Winning:
Even before construction, Hillview won a prestigious architectural design award from the Society of American Registered Architects, California Council..

Background Information:

The current Hillview campus is set on a very small 9.36 acre site. The Hillview campus is anticipated to grow from the current 658 students to approximately 860-920 students over the next ten years. As of Fall 2007, there are twenty-six existing permanent classrooms and eleven portables on-site.

The school was built originally in 1949 as an elementary school and later converted to a middle school, with additions to the core campus constructed in 1950, 1951, 1953 and 1959. In 1997, a new gymnasium and two science labs were built along with an addition and renovation to the current administration wing and phased modernization work throughout the campus.

The site has been impacted by several campus additions, community tennis courts and additional parking and community playground areas. Eleven portables have been placed and remain on site, as of the 2007-08 school year.  Four were originally placed in 1989. Others were added between 1994 and 1997. Once used as interim housing through the previous modernization program, they have remained on site to accommodate the District’s Class Size Reduction Program.  The District-owned portables are essentially non-conforming and used primarily for storage.  Others were leased for the short term with the intention to remove and restore the playfields upon completion of the modernization project.

After a lengthy review process and analysis, it was determined that replacement of the campus, with a new campus being built on the existing field and the current building location being converted to a field, would be in the best interest of the School District. In March 2007, the Board of Education took action to proceed with the replacement concept and gave instruction that the planning process and conceptual plans be further developed. The District will retain the new multi-purpose building that was constructed under the previous Bond Measure.

Project Overview
New School on Existing Field:
In December 2006, the Board approved design guidelines for the Middle School. As a result of multiple public meetings and analysis of the various options by District staff, the Board approved the rebuilding of Hillview Middle School on the existing field space.  The new school will provide all new facilities in a two-story structure to accommodate a middle school of 920 to 960 students.  The existing multi-purpose building which was built during the last Bond Measure in 1999 will remain and be modernized as needed.  The facility will provide classroom space, science classrooms, specialty classrooms, an administration building, library/multi-media space, an auditorium, kitchen, offices, and other facilities needed for a new middle school.

Removal of Portable and New Field Improvements:

At the conclusion of the new building project, the students will be moved from the existing school to new classrooms and facilities.  The District will then demolish and remove the existing school and develop a new playfield and basketball courts at the existing campus location.

Project Plans:

1 Drop-off and Pick up area with staff parking along the fence
2 Visitor Parking
3 Staff Parking, separated by a gate from the Visitor Parking
4 Auditorium with music and drama classes downstairs, science classes upstairs
5 Administrative offices on the bottom floor, Media Center/Library on the top floor
6 Industrial Arts and Fine Arts building (single story)
7 Inner Courtyard with an outdoor stage
8 Existing Multipurpose room

Site Design Committee:

The Site Design Committee plays a critical role in conveying site specific information and concerns to the Design Team to facilities the development of the site plan, schematic plan and final design of the school. The Committee was selected by the principal of each school and is comprised of parents, staff, teachers, a school neighbor, the school principal and the District Program Manager. The Architect and Construction Manager attend meetings a needed to take input and provide information and guidance.

Mike Melton Principal
Willy Haug Asst. Principal
Debbie Devoto Counselor
Troy Atkinson Neighbor
Bob Schulman Neighbor
Shalann Kunkel Core Teacher
Lynn Eisner Math Teacher
Alicia Payton Science Teacher
Tracy Piombo Librarian
Richard Vaughan Music Teacher
Toni Barone Instructional Tech. Coor.
Celeste Chapman Parent
Molly Bahr Parent

Entrance to the school:

View of inner courtyard:

View from the corner of Santa Cruz and Olive:

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