Introduction to Antiracism in MPCSD

  • The Menlo Park City School District is committed to becoming actively antiracist in its actions, policies, and curriculum. On June 11, 2020, the School Board unanimously supported a resolution stating "that we, The Trustees of the Menlo Park City Elementary School District do hereby commit to a careful examination of MPCSD's institutional policies and practices, to re-evaluating and re-imagining how and what we teach, and to educating ourselves, our colleagues, and our students about systemic racism and white privilege so that we create the educational environment in which the children in our district may grow up to be adults who are anti-racist, because a just and democratic society depends on it." Read the full resolution here.


    Superintendent Erik Burmeister has convened an Antiracism Advisory Team of about 40 parents, teachers, and staff who are helping steer the conversation for MPCSD and will be working throughout the year to help identify where and how we can change our current actions, policies, and curriculum to make them more inclusive, elevate more voices, and create an environment that promotes antiracist attitudes and actions.


    On September 8, Superintendent Burmeister talked with activist, writer, and former Stanford Dean of Freshman Julie Lythcott-Haims at MPCSD's Speaker Series to discuss how to engage in meaningful discussions with our children about race, racism and the BLM movement. You may watch the impactful video here.


    In January 2021, the Speaker Series will host a series "Race, Prejudice & Policy: A Three Part Conversation on Segregation and its Legacy on Education Around Menlo Park" along with a corresponding community book club. Find details about the Speaker Series events here. More about the book clubs will be publicized soon.


    Use the green arrows at the left to navigate to our resources. Thank you for your interest in MPCSD's antiracism efforts. The journey will never end, but every step is important.