COVID Resources


  • COVID One Pagers

    Refer to these easy-to use pages (Staff One Pagers / Parent One Pagers) for answers on most COVID health & safety questions. MPCSD's guidelines are based on publicly available guidelines from the county, state, and CDC.


    On-Campus Testing Program

    MPCSD offers weekly on-campus Covid testing to all students. It is not required; to participate, parents must opt their students in to the program. If you wish to enroll your child, please email for instructions.


    Parent Volunteering Information

    This year all volunteers who wish to work on campus with children or chaperone field trips, must be vaccinated for Covid. Please see this parent volunteering slide deck for details on how to confirm your vaccination to volunteer.


    COVID Data

    This table tracks reported COVID cases during the regular school year. Data will be shared for the whole district, not broken down by campus. You will always receive an emailed notification of a COVID case at your school site. Should your child be identified as a close contact, you will receive additional information. Identifying information about COVID cases is confidential.


    MPCSD's Air Quality FAQ Page

Remote Independent Study


    Remote Independent Study (RIS) is available to students from kindergarten through eighth grade for the 2021-22 school year only. RIS is designed to respond to the student's specific educational needs, interests, aptitudes, and abilities within the confines of school board policy.

    At Menlo Park City School District, we believe that in-person instruction is the best approach to learning. However, we understand that students may have needs that make in-person attendance not possible.


    If your family would like to request RIS during the 2021-22 year, please reach out to the assistant principal at your school site. 


    Once a request for RIS takes place, your site team members will set up a "Pupil-Parent-Educator" meeting to discuss the remote independent study plan. At that meeting parents will be asked to review and sign a RIS Master Written Agreement to the terms of the independent study plan. 


    For additional questions related to Remote Independent Study, please reach out to your child's assistant principal for assistance. 

Required State Documentation

  • California Safe Schools for All Plan

    In response to the Governor's Safe Schools for All Plan, MPCSD has provided all required and additional supporting documentation for application for supplemental funds under this new plan. Having been open to in-person instruction since September 8, 2020, MPCSD has shown that rigorous health and safety precautions can well mitigate the risk of COVID-19 at our schools and we continue to provide our in-person program to all grades Preschool-8th while maintaining low rates of infection. Read more about MPCSD's Safe Schools for All Plan here. (Please note that this is different from MPCSD's district-specific Safety Plan, which is available at the top of this page.)


    COVID-19 Operations Written Report

    This report, approved by the School Board on June 11, 2020, is available to read here. This report, required by the California Department of Education, describes the impacts of COVID-19 and changes to the district's instructional program, especially in regards to meeting the needs of students who are considered underrepresented in our district.