Registration Checklist

  • These are the documents required to complete new student registration: 
    • Birth certificate OR passport of child for legal proof of age (a copy is okay)
    • Proof of immunizations received to date
    • Driver's License or passport for identification purposes
    • Proof of residence in the District - Please bring ALL the following original documents for verification:
    1.  Current PG&E or Water bill or DMV registration card (mailed to residence, not from Internet)
    For those who get utility bills online, you can obtain a letter from PG&E on letterhead paper confirming service at your address as a substitute for a mailed bill. The Water Department will also issue a copy of your bill at their office.
    2.  One additional current bill (telephone, cable, insurance, credit card, etc.- mailed to residence, not from Internet)
    3.  Homeowners: Current County property tax bill OR
    Renters: Current signed lease or rental agreementincluding contact information for property manager or owner AND a copy of receipt or canceled check for most recent rental payment


    Questions regarding enrollment

    Please contact the District Registrar at (650) 321-7140 Ext. 5600