Spanish Immersion Program


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    Current Process Program Structure
    Spanish Immersion is currently offered K-5 at Laurel and Encinal. Kindergarten immersion students receive their core academic instruction in Spanish, and as students move through the grades, there are incremental increases in the instructional time in English such that by the fifth grade, core academic instruction is delivered in both English and Spanish equally. The program began as a pilot in 2008; depending on site and District needs, other models for foreign language acquisition at the elementary level may be considered in the future.  Click here for more background information on World Language in MPCSD.  
    History Considerations
    Families who choose to enroll their children in the immersion program should know the following:
    • The sites are committed to operating the immersion program in a manner that avoids any financial encroachment over the K-5 life of the program. As a result, immersion class sizes may be larger than regular classes and may be operated as multi-graded combination classes.
    • Support services for students may only be available in English.
    • Immersion may not be the optimal learning environment for every student.
    • The current structure of immersion may make it difficult to separate twins or students with peer issues.
    • This program could be altered or relocated depending on site or program needs.


    For more information or if you have questions, please contact the Laurel or Encinal Office Manager. 

Spanish Immersion at Encinal

  • Encinal Elementary School offers one strand of Kindergarten - 5th grade Spanish Immersion.

Spanish Immersion at Laurel

  • Laurel Elementary School offers two strands of Kindergarten - 5th grade Spanish Immersion.