World Language: Spanish Resources

  • Menlo Park City School District

    World Language and Spanish Immersion: Spanish Resources


    This is a list of possible resources to support and maintain Spanish learning. There are many other possibilities. Reach out to your student’s teacher for more suggestions specific to your student. 

    Suggested Activities:


    • Change the language of a favorite movie to Spanish-(listening for 10 minutes will help build vocabulary and develop oral language).
    • Multicultural Events & Workshops at the Public Libraries or other local organizations. 
    • Regular library visits for books as well (Redwood City & HMB have impressive collections and bilingual storytimes).
    • Read! Audiobooks are a great way to read the book together.
    • Listen to bilingual music-some suggested musicians: José-Luís Orozco, Sol y Canto, 123 Andres, Putamayo, Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band. 
    • Listen to common nursery rhymes in Spanish.
    • Attend Multicultural events in SF & Oakland.
    • Plan family trips to Spanish-speaking countries (but not resorts!) where students can mingle with local kids at the park or plaza and make friends/practice the language.
    • Playdates with native Spanish-speaking children in the neighborhood or from the classroom.
    • Take an adult Spanish class and learn along with your student.








    Fun Activities to support Reading:

    In order to avoid the "summer slide", here are some of the recommendations to make reading fun:

    - Have your student complete the Reading Bingo (many teachers have sample)

    -  Read aloud to your student

    - Have a family book club and do a choral reading

    -  Listen to native speakers read aloud (RazKids, Tumble books, audiobooks)

    -  Visit the public library (Redwood City Library has a great collection of books in Spanish)

    - Challenge your student by asking him to learn two new words in Spanish per day. He/she/they can have a journal/dictionary to write the word and use it in a sentence.

    -  Have your student re-read books at his/her/their independent level (look at the list of titles provided below).

    -  Have your student read to a friend, a family member, dog, etc

    -  Practice High-Frequency Words. Have your student make flashcards and practice. Make it fun by giving a reward.


    Recommended series in Spanish for End of 1st Grade or Second Grade:

    Hombre Mosca Presenta by Tedd Arnold

    Henry & Mudge by Cynthia Rylant

    El Club Secreto de Mouse by PJ Ryan

    Rebekah-Niña detective by PJ Ryan

    Katie Woo by Fran Manushkin

    Colección: ¿Y si tuvieras?... by Sandra Markle

    ¿Quién Ganará? by National Geographic Kids

    National Geographic Kids Magazines


    These books can be found on or Scholastic