Who says you can’t mix art and technology? Welcome to the new world of drawing and crafting circuits. No soldering. No breadboards. And no complications. Now kids even as young as 1st graders can be introduced to electronics and circuitry - all in a safe and fun hands-on lab. Each class starts with a brief instruction about circuits and electricity, followed by self-exploration of how components come together to make a circuit. We let your child’s imagination go wild - where they can make circuits on nearly anything.  Students explore circuits and electricity through drawing with conductive ink, and make light-up take-home projects where they get to stretch their creative brains using technology as their tool!

    Wednesday 3:00-4:00pm

    9/13-12/13 (no class on 10/25 and 11/22), 12 weeks, $365




    What? Kids on a playground? Yes. We teach kids principles of game design and coding using industry-leading software, such as Blockly, and also in creative real-world projects like human coder-robot. This class is designed to allow kids to think like a software engineer and play like a kid. Students learn principles like procedures, loops, variables, and functions, all while "playing" with visual-based coding tools like Tynker and Lightbot. Each week students are challenged to build upon the principles they are learning - and to work in a collaborative environment with partners for many activities. This class is much more than sitting behind a keyboard. Students love real-world activities that reinforce principles taught in the class.

    Tuesday 3:00-4:30pm
    9/12-12/12 (no class on 10/24), 13 weeks, $440


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