• Robot Coding Starter Lab (Tuesdays, Sept 3 - Dec 10th, 3 pm - 4 pm) 

    Find new robot friends and learn how they think - perfect for new students!

    Designed specifically for younger students, this class is the perfect introduction to the world of robots and coding. Through hands-on experiments with codable robots, students develop an understanding of how robots think and how to teach them in their “language.” The perfect place for beginners, the Starter Lab finds a balance of robotics, circuits, and creativity that girls and boys love!Class Highlights:
    • Teach Thymio bots to imitate your favorite animals
    • Classmates race Dash robots against each other through custom obstacle courses
    • No experience needed!
    Who will love this class:
    • Girls and boys in grades 1-3
    • Anyone who loves to play, experiment, or create with amazing gadgets

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    Code with Circuits (Wednesdays, Sept 4th - Dec 11th, 3 pm - 4:30 pm)

    An electrifying semester of fun for your maker in the making!

    It’s all about gadgets and gizmos here -- if your student enjoys imagining and building their own inventions, this is the class for them! Working with a codable breadboard and Arduino, students build their own gadgets, experimenting with light, sound, movement, and more. Students develop their skills and understanding week to week, building increasingly impressive codable circuits.

    Class Highlights: 

    • Build amazing circuits with Arduino - construct a mini synth-keyboard or a game of Simon Says all with wires, buttons, and code.

    • Students discover creative answers to problems as there is always more than one right solution.

    • REAL components, REAL breadboards, REAL fun!

    Who will love this class:

    • Girls and boys in grades 3-5

    • Anyone with an imaginative and creative spirit


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