•  Lexy Keller  

    After graduating from Hillview in 1990 (we were the Hillview Hurricanes back then!), I went on to M-A and Stanford and returned to teach here in 2000.  Over the years, I have taught 7th and 8th grade core, math, and French.  In the academy system, I have taught all math, all history, and a hybrid of math and history classes.  This year I am excited to be splitting my time again, teaching history in the Trailblazers academy along with two flipped High School Algebra classes.  
    I come from a family of teachers.  My husband teaches Latin at Woodside High, and Hillview students' older siblings may know my mom (Ms. Kleeman) who recently retired from being the college advisor at M-A, my sister (Mrs. Walton) who teaches third grade at Encinal (and taught fourth grade for years), or my brother (Mr. Keller) who taught fifth grade at Encinal and is now teaching fifth grade at Laurel.  Our family gatherings inevitably veer toward "teacher talk," and we love telling stories about the ways our students delight and amuse us.
    At present, most of my free time is spent rebounding for my basketball-obsessed 9-year-old son (who is starting 4th grade at Laurel) and trying to figure out how my sassy daughter became head of the household at age 7.5.  To seek sanity in my busy world, I try to carve out time for cooking, eating out, exercising, singing, and sampling the local fro-yo shops.  
    The best way to contact me is through email (lkeller@mpcsd.org).  I'm looking forward to an amazing year!