• This page is to provide resources to our current staff members.
    Having trouble reading your paystub?
    Watch this video to help you understand the abbreviations and deductions!  
    Below is a list of abbreviations you might find on your paystub.   
    Deferred Net Pay:

    The majority of the District's employees work 10 months and are paid from September through June.  These employees are given the choice of whether they would like to participate in Deferred Net Pay (DNP) to receive payments in July and August.  It is important to note that 10-month employees' pay is earned and taxed over the 10 month period.  If an employee chooses to participate in DNP, a percentage of his or her net pay is withheld for the summer.  Half of the balance accumulated over the school year is repaid in July, and the other half is paid in August.  The amount withheld during the year for a 10-month employee is approximately 1/6 of the net pay, so that over 12 months the employee would receive 5/6 of a check.  (This doesn't always work out perfectly, but that is what the system strives to accomplish.) If you wish you change your salary installments, you will be able to do so in May.

    There are no payroll deductions taken from the July and August DNP checks.  All deductions are taken between September and June.  The District's practice is to double the health and welfare deductions (medical, dental, and vision) in May and June for summer coverage.  This impacts employees who are paying out-of-pocket for health insurance.  The employee portion of the health and welfare premiums is pre-tax.  Because 10-month employees' pay is earned and taxed over the 10 month period, these deductions must be collected before June.  
    Pregnancy Leave: 
    The Business Office and HR Department have put together the attached Pregnancy Leave packet for our certificated employees.  
    Change of Address Forms: 
    The change of address form!  When submitting updated personal information such as a change of address, phone number, name changes, etc., please complete and submit the brand new form to the Human Resources Department.