• The county’s public bus transportation system is also experiencing financial, safety, and staffing related challenges amidst COVID. As a result, they have informed MPCSD that two of the five routes serving MPCSD will be discontinued. MPCSD has no jurisdiction over SamTrans and no involvement in their decision to discontinue. Families who have traditionally relied on SamTrans bus transportation should consult the SamTrans website for information about health protocols and route availability. Below is the most current information we have regarding the status of SamTrans bus routes in MPCSD. This section also includes maps of each bus route for your convenience.


    SamTrans, the county public transit agency, operates bus service to most schools in the County, including MPCSD.



      • ENCINAL route Bus 88 Click links below (Route 89 in the afternoons has been canceled by Samtrans for the 2017/18 school year):



    • Click here to view Route 81 Menlo Atherton High School
    • Click here for all School-Day Only SamTrans Bus Routes


    Students under 17 pay the youth fare to ride SamTrans buses. Students may pay with:

    • Cash - $1.10/ride, paid in coins and bills
    • Token - $1.00/ride, sold in packs of 10 for $10 by mail or in person (click here for where to buy)
    • Clipper Card Youth - $1.00/ride (click here for Clipper Card info)
    • Monthly Youth Pass - $27.00 per month, obtained by submitting an application with proof of age (click here) and then adding the monthly pass via online transaction.

    Click here for SamTrans Fare Chart.


    Call SamTrans at (800) 660-4287 for assistance/customer service or click here to visit the SamTrans website.

    Live Update: