Overview & Staff

  • These are the counselors for 2021-22. Your counselor assigned in 6th grade will remain with your student for all 3 years.
          6th Graders

    Meagan Cantalupi, profile
    Email: mcantalupi@mpcsd.org
    Phone: 650.326.4341 x2903

          7th Graders

    Kellie Raczkowski, profile
    Email: kraczkowski@mpcsd.org
    Phone: 650.326.4341 x2904

          8th Graders (Incoming 6th Graders)

    Christina Sendejo Johnson, profile
    Email: csjohnson@mpcsd.org
    Phone: 650.326.4341 x2906


    Schedule Change Request Form
    If students would like to request a change to their schedules, they can print this form and bring it on the first day of school.  For the first two days, students should go to their regularly scheduled classes. 


    For Parent Feedback on Student Registration for this year
    The Parent Input Form
    is intended as the primary communication between parents and Hillview counselors regarding scheduling and class placement. This is the first step in communicating information about your child. We are committed to reading every detail that parents provide on these feedback forms. Please know that we seek to accommodate concerns and hopes and work very hard to ensure a high-quality, safe, and nurturing program for all children. We will do our best to accommodate individual student needs and to ensure the greatest opportunity for success. If there are any questions, your child's counselor will contact you directly.


    Please note: Hillview does not take requests for specific teachers or academies. Academy and teacher assignments are determined randomly by our student information system. If your child is served by the IEP, 504, or EL programs, please contact your case manager directly.