Shadowing at Hillview

  • Dear Parent/Guardian,

    Thank you for your interest in Hillview!  We realize that there are many great middle schools on the peninsula, and we appreciate the opportunity to have your child experience what being a Hillview student is like.  I personally and professionally think this is a pretty incredible school!  Our staff is committed to educating the whole child by fostering a community that values academic excellence, kindness, respect, and tolerance, as well as personal responsibility and self-advocacy.

    Our shadowing program is designed for students who do not currently attend a MPCSD school or who do attend a MP school but are weighing other options.  Visiting students are matched with a Hillview “host,” and attend school from 8:25 to 12:00 noon. 

    We ask that shadows arrive in the main office by 8:15vand bring with them a book to read, and a snack for brunch.  Arrangements should be made for them to be picked up at 12:00 in the office, and please plan to stay for an additional 15-20 minutes for you and your child to meet with our principal or vice-principal.  If possible, our “host” will call the night before the visit to introduce themselves, and review these requests. If your child already knows someone in the grade level that they will be shadowing, and would feel comfortable having him or her be his host, please, by all means send us the name(s).  We will do our best to arrange a shadow with that person!

    If you have not already scheduled your child’s shadow day, please email Ms. Watts at  Please make sure that we have the best phone number to give the student “host,” as well as how to best contact you in case of emergency on the day of the visit.

    Parents should contact our main office about the dates and times of the following orientation events in the spring:
    Open House—May 23, 2019 at 6:30pm
    6th grade orientation  (for parents only) TBA
    5th grade visit and tour  (for students only) TBA

    Again, thank you for your interest in Hillview. 

    Robyn Watts, Counselor
    326-4341 x2903

    Available shadow dates for 2018-2019
    Sept. 28, Oct. 26, Nov. 30, Dec. 14, Jan. 25, March 1 and 22, April 26, May 31   

    In review, here is the info you need to email us: (
    1.  Your (parent) first and last name & emergency phone #
    2.  Child's first and last name & phone number for a Thurs night call
    3.  Your child's current school
    4.  Any current HV student (in the grade level shadowing) that your child might know and feel comfortable shadowing....ok to write "NONE"
    5.  The best date from the list above