• Getting To and From School



    Getting TO School

    Walking and Biking

    • An adult must accompany kindergarten students who wish to walk or cycle to school.
    • Cyclists must wear helmets.
    • Bike Locks are highly recommended for securing bikes to one of the many bike racks.

    Drop Off Lane

    • Parents will be given a name plate at the Meet & Greet on Date to be determined.
    • Please display name plate in passenger side visor when picking up students inside campus at the curb lane.

    District Bus

    • The Menlo Park City School District school bus is available by signing up online in mid-August for a fee.
    • The district bus is limited to children at Encinal School in grade K-3 in the morning and K-3 in the afternoon.
    • Registration information for bus service is available at: Menlo Park City School District Transportation Page
    • Bus Service is on a first come, first serve basis, so register as soon as possible.

     If your child is registered for the district bus, his or her teacher will bring the student to the district bus line in the kindergarten yard at 2:45. A teacher will walk the group to the bus in front of the Encinal School each afternoon. Wilfin Morales, the bus driver, will be on the bus at that time and will stay with the children until a parent or their known child-care provider at the bus stop meets them.

    Parking and Walking In

    • Parking is VERY limited at Encinal during pick-up and drop-off times.
    • Walking, cycling, carpool, and the district bus are all recommended alternatives.
    • Street parking is also scarce in the neighborhood around Encinal School.
    • Please adhere to posted parking restrictions which are placed there for pedestrian safety.


    Going From School

    • This August, you will receive an email prompting you to fill out our K-2 Transporation Form.  This is an online form that asks for information about where your child is going after school each day.  This information is very important and will be given to your child's classroom teacher.  
    • This form will indicate how your child is going home each day of the week.


    If you are on campus waiting to pick up your child, please stay outside the kindergarten playground until teachers bring their students to the gate.


    Please do not park in the pick up lane during carpool time.