PTO Executive Board Members: 2018-19

Executive Board Member Roles and Responsibilities

  • President:

    Represents and heads Laurel PTO, as the principle executive officer, subject to control of the Executive Board, and represents the PTO on the District PTO Council. Serves as an ex-offico member of all Laurel PTO committees. Presides over all PTO Executive Board and General Membership meetings, and handles any additional responsibilities as described in the Bylaws.

    Co-Vice Presidents:

    Assist the President; represent the Laurel PTO on the District PTO Council; serve as advisors to nominating committee; review outgoing PTO communications; organize the Back to School Coffee and other responsibilities described in the Bylaws. Two-year term (become Co-Presidents in the second year of term). Provide oversight and direction to several assigned committees.


    Responsible for recording all receipts and expenditures of the organization, prepares annual school year budget. Prepares and files all necessary reports and forms required by the PTO, insurance and tax returns required by government agencies, while working along side the financial secretary, as described in the Bylaws.

    Financial Secretary:

    Works closely with the treasurer to keep records of income, receipts, and distributions; and other responsibilities described in the Bylaws. Two year term (becomes the Treasurer in the second year of term). Provides oversight and direction to several assigned committees. 

    Recording Secretary:

    Responsible for recording the minutes of the monthly Executive Board meetings and the PTO General Meetings; coordinates correspondence as needed. Provides oversight and direction to several assigned committees.

    Corresponding Secretary:

    Responsible for all Laurel PTO correspondence to volunteers, merchants and Executive Board, acknowledging appreciation of volunteer time, donations, special events and any correspondence deemed appropriate by the ExecutiveBoard and/or Committee Chairs.


    Responsible for auditing the PTO financial records twice during the school year and for developing and maintaining volunteer processes (handbook, training, tracking hours, etc.). Provides oversight and direction to several assigned committees. 


    Must attend all Executive Board and General meetings, as well as presiding over all Nominating Committee meeting, as described in the PTO Bylaws. Additional responsibilities include conducting election of officers and reviewing PTO Bylaws and Standing Rules annually. 

    Head Room Parent (HRP) Coordinator:

    Responsible for recruiting head room parents for each classroom at the beginning of the school year. Acts as a liaison between the Executive Board and Head Room Parents.

    Membership Coordinator:

    Responsible for coordinating the PTO membership drive for Upper and Lower Campus and tracking all donations.

    Committee/Council Liason:

    Responsible for attending all Site Council meetings and reporting back to the Executive Board with any matters that pertain to the PTO. And handles proactive and reactive communication with all Committee Chairs in coordination with the school calendar and upcoming events.

    Communications Coordinator:

    Responsible for managing the PTO communications of sponsored programs and benefits, as well as coordinating, with the Executive Board, newsletters, flyers etc., to the Laurel School community.