• How do I drop-off and pick-up my child at school?

    Click here for information regarding drop-off and pick-up procedures.
    What if my child becomes sick during school?

    If your child becomes sick at school, the school office will attempt to reach the parent or other designated contact person for pickup using contact information you have provided to the school. If you pick up your child early, you MUST sign out in the binder in the office.
    How do I report my child’s absence?

    Click here to report an absence or tardy.
    What should I do if I need to pick up my child early?

    If a child has to leave school during the day for any reason, a note should be given to the Laurel School office and the responsible adult MUST sign the child out from the office.
    What should I do if my child is allergic to something?

    Please see "Health Policy" in the Laurel School Annual Directory.
    What if the school loses power during the school day?

    Unless the temperature drops significantly, the school will remain open and students would be released at the regular dismissal time.
    Under what circumstances would school close and how would I find out?
    The school would close if we were to experience an unsafe situation due to a power outage, an earthquake, etc. Under such circumstances all school closures will be announced on local radio stations.
    What are Laurel School's Emergency Preparedness Procedures?
    Click here for information regarding Laurel School's Emergency Preparedness Procedures.
    What are the cell phone, Apple watch, and Gizmo rules for students?
    Click here for information regarding cell phone, Apple watch, and Gizmo rules for students.