Head Room Parents (HRP)




    What is a Head Room Parent (HRP)? Simply put, it is a parent volunteer that helps the teacher coordinate and communicate class as well as school-wide activities and events during the school year.  The following are the general areas of responsibility:  ParentSquare Communication, Party Planning, Gifts, Yearbook Class Layout/Class Photos, and Class Funds.  Depending on the teacher, the specifics for each area will vary.  A typical HRP team will be made up of 2 to 6 parents.  If you have more than one student, you have an opportunity to be a HRP for more than one class.

    Are you ready to sign up?  Please click on the appropriate grade (you will need to select the name of the teacher) and complete the form to join the HRP team.


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    5th Grade

    If you have any additional questions, please email HRPCoordinator@laurelpto.org