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  • Menlo Park City School District

    181 Encinal Avenue

    Atherton, CA 94027

    Request for Proposals

    Food Services Providers for FY 2022-2025


    The Menlo Park City School District is a K-8 school district serving the students of Menlo Park

    and Atherton. The District currently has three elementary schools, two Early Learning Centers and one middle school. Laurel school has two sites (Lower and Upper). The total student population is 2,828 students. Monthly we average 2,800 Breakfasts and 15,000 - 17,000 lunches through the Universal Meal Programs.


    Encinal School: ( 621 students )

    Laurel Lower:    ( 323 students)

    Laurel Upper:    ( 321 Students)

    Oak Knoll:         ( 584 Students)

    ELC:                  ( 96  early learning students total between two campuses)

    Hillview:           ( 861 middle school students)

    HOCC:              ( 22 students )


     The District intends to select a food service provider for the school years 22/23, 23/24. 24/25  that best

    meets the District’s needs to provide daily quality meals, healthy menus, meal variety, recyclable

    packaging, organic, vegan and gluten free food options, healthy beverage choices and timely delivery of meals in compliance with the National School Breakfast/Lunch Program (NSLP).


    Please submit your bid and any supplemental information to:


    Menlo Park City School District

    Attn: Marites Fermin,, CBO

    181 Encinal Avenue

    Atherton, CA 94027



    Sealed bids: Monday, April 18, 2022 at 1:00PM. Late submittals will not be accepted and will be returned unopened.


    As a Request for Proposal price is very important, other factors will be taken into consideration. (Proposal must include the price of food, milk, packaging, utensils, condiments, transportation, warming units, refrigeration prior to delivery of cold items, and all other related costs.)


    The District retains the right to award all or parts of this contract to several bidders, to not select

    any bidders, and/or to re-solicit proposals.


    To view the full RFP - Please click HERE

    ALL QUESTIONS should be emailed to Debi Rice at:


    Q & A


    Q -  Past RFPs published by Menlo Park City School District have been published for 1 year with the right to renew up to 4 years.  Why the change to 1 year with the right to renew 2 years?

     Answer:  The District has discretion to determine the length of the contract based on District needs, funding, and a number of other factors.


    Q - Does MPCSD have a long-term desire to produce meals on-site using district facilities?

    Answer: No


    Q - Is this RFP Vended Meal or FSMC?  For reference, see the following CDE management bulletin: 

    Answer: Vended meal program.


    Q - If this is an FSMC RFP, has the RFP been pre-approved by the CDE? (

    Answer: N/A


    Q - If this is a Vended Meal RFP, there are items included that appear to be beyond the scope of work as defined by CDE as defined at the following page (i.e. the RFP requirements of “Contractor shall have an electronic method for accounting for actual meals picked up by students daily.” and “Contractor to provide detailed monthly reports of meals distributed” could be interpreted as an FSMC service of “Organizing and maintaining program documents (such as daily meal counts, menus, and menu production records)” as defined at 

    Answer: Vendor provides daily temp logs and daily student and ordered meals count, which is basic documentation for any vendor.  Debi Rice has her own software that calculates all  monthly statistics with respect to lunches.


    Q - One of the RFP requirements states that “Meals will be prepared under properly controlled temperatures and assembled not more than 24 hours prior to delivery.”  Some vendors in the market prepare meals on Friday for Monday (instead of Sunday).  Does MPCSD expect the vendor to make all Monday meals following this 24 hour requirement (i.e. the earliest assembly allowed for Monday’s meals would be Sunday?)  Does MPCSD expect 3-day weekends to follow the same production requirement (i.e. earliest assembly is Labor Day for delivery Tuesday after Labor Day).

    Answer: Some meals can be accepted 24-72 hours in advance, e.g. a sandwich package or breakfast item for early Monday morning breakfast before the start of school.


    Q - In the RFP, it states that the “e) Contractor shall manage online ordering for all students” and that “Funds from the online ordering system must be directly deposited into an account owned by the District.” In the Management Bulletin at this CDE website (, halfway down the page in the section “Online Meal Payments and Fees in School Meal Programs”, it states that “SFAs interested in using an online payment system should first consult with their School Boards, Board of Directors, or legal counsel. In addition, SFAs must separately, competitively procure the use of an online payment service.”  MPCSD will not be separately, competitively procuring the use of an online payment service?  

    Answer: MPCSD does not accept payment for meals except in limited circumstances.  Families order from the vendor and pay them directly. District will not be using an online payment service for payment from families. 


    Q - In the RFP, Level C states that “Minimum of 50% of fruits, vegetables and ingredients must be organic”.  Please define what is meant by 50% - By caloric impact?  By number of ingredients in a recipe for an  item?  By gram weight?  Vendors could easily claim to be 50% organic by having their own definition of “50%.”  For reference, USDA organic labeling requirements can be found here:

     Answer: We are looking for 50% organic ingredients in the recipe.


    Q - The RFP states that “Funds from the online ordering system must be directly deposited into an account owned by the District.”.  Will MPCSD be collecting payment funds from students/parents next year?

    Answer: MPCSD does not accept payment for meals except in limited circumstances. Families order from the vendor and pay them directly.


    Q - Will MPCSD be providing Universal Meals for All for the 2022-2023 school year?

    Answer: Yes, MPCSD is providing Universal Meals for the 2022-23 school year, including   breakfast and lunch.