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    Reading Log


    Realistic Fiction

    Students will begin the school year engaged in a fiction unit titled: Interpreting Characters: The Heart of the Story. Our in class read aloud is The Tiger Rising by Kate DiCamillo. They will also read their own independent realistic fiction books from our classroom library, from our school library and/or from home. The main objectives of this fiction unit are:

    • understand how to find and take responsibility for reading books that are within their ability to comprehend and think deeply about
    • use of reading strategies such as envisioning to comprehend what they are reading
    • developing defensible and significant ideas about characters by using a story arc, noticing author's craft, using precise academic language and grounding evidence back in the text
    • debating with other students to prompt rich book conversations
    • looking beyond just characters and studying other elements of story
    • connecting thoughts to build interpretations
    • finding meaning in recurring images, objects and details

    Reader's Workshop homework for this unit is: read 20 minutes Monday-Thursday nights and log on their reading log. They may read a book of choice as close to their reading level as possible or read their realistic fiction book from school. Research shows children need to read 20-30 books on their independent reading level before they can move to the next reading level. Keeping track of how much they have read reinforces this and helps them see how much work they are putting in to becoming a better reader!