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    Reading Log


    Unit 3 Reading

    Students are currently engaged in a nonfiction unit titled: Reading History. The main objectives of this nonfiction unit are:

    • use the text structures we learned about in our last nonfiction unit to organize information and take pertinent notes
    • what the role of emblematic detail in nonfiction is 
    • develop strategies for reading primary sources
    • cross text synthesis
    • recognizing different perspectives
    • finding evidence to support a claim they are making
    • debating topics they have researched
    • study all parts of a text to deterine main ideas
    • questioning and hypothesizing to reach deeper conclusions

    Reader's Workshop homework for this unit is: read at least 20 minutes Monday-Thursday nights and log on their reading log. They do not have to read nonfiction for their home reading but they can if they want to. I recommend home reading books be on or close to your child's reading level. Research shows children need to read 20-30 books on their independent reading level before they can move to the next reading level. Keeping track of how much they have read reinforces this and helps them see how much work they are putting in to become a better reader!