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    Reading Log


    historical fiction

    Students are currently engaged in a fiction unit titled: Historical Fiction Clubs. Our in class read aloud is Number the Stars by Lois Lowry along with other historical fiction books that deal with that time period and specifically the German occupation of Denmark. Your child may come home with questions about this time period so please be ready to discuss what was happening then. They are also in their own book clubs reading historical fiction books in different time periods. The main objectives of this fiction unit are:

    • understand how to synthesize the evolving settings with the plotlines and subplots
    • construct a sense of the setting as not just a physical place but an emotional place as well, reading with increased attention to the mood in the text
    • practice interpreting what they think a text is about, using evidence to back up their ideas (first in one text, then across texts, and finally between texts and their own lives)
    • to read relevant nonfiction texts alongside their historical fiction books to help them evolve their understanding of the characters, their struggles, their perspectives and their insights
    • cross text synthesis to help them think across fiction and nonfiction

    Reader's Workshop homework for this unit is: read 20 minutes Monday-Thursday nights!