Multiplication with whole numbers. During Unit 2 we will:

    • learn how to look at multiplication with several lenses: place value, algebraic notation, factoring and expanded notation
    • use patterns in multiplication with ones, tens, and hundreds
    • represent one-digit by two-digit, three-digit and four-digit multiplication using area models
    • use estimation and multiplication to check products and solve real world problems
    • relate the area model of multiplication to numerical methods of multiplication

    Students will take quizzes through out this unit to self assess their progress. Students will have math homework Monday-Thursday during this unit but it won't necessarily come from the homework and remembering pages. Please check in with your child about what math homework they have and how you can support their learning and progress at home.

    They can also use the website Dreambox for more math practice at home. Please go the the "Technology in the Classroom" page on our website for instructions on how to access Dreambox at home.