• 3D Art Projects    hamburger


    All students write an artist statement at the end of the trimester. Based on their work or themes they explored throughout the trimester. Everyone should photograph the progress of each art piece at the end of class using an iPad. These photos are useful to see a work’s development and also will help you when you are forming your artist’s statement.


    All students get to use the pottery wheel for about 4 class periods (1 week). They will get to keep their 3 best vessels made on the wheel and glaze them.


    1. Textured Tile 4” x 4”: On the tile, show the following techniques:


    Burnishing--the actual tile or an object you attach to the tile


    Reductive Sculpture

    Slab cut out--practice this technique, could be a letter you cut out

    Stamp into clay

    Paint using a dry brush technique to reveal the texture. Use tile to practice painting on clay for later in trimester.

    2. Clay Pendant: Create a pendant that incorporates one of the techniques you practiced in your tile.

    3. Name/Word Sign: Create a relief sign using slab technique to cut out the letters. Incorporate a small relief sculpture on your sign that connects to the word you chose. The sign will get a hole punched in it at the top so it can easily be hung.

    4. Hand Building: Sculpt 2 mugs that are a set. They must be related to each other in some way and be the same size.

    5. Coil Technique: Use the coil technique to create a small animal/creature that is also a container.

    6. Relief Sculpture of a House based on sketch off campus: We will walk off campus to the neighborhood and sketch a house or two, paying attention to facade details. Back in the classroom, we will use our sketches or another building/house/architectural form to create a relief slab sculpture of the facade of the building, incorporating as much detail as possible.

    7. Oblong Musical Animal: Use slab technique to wrap a small yogurt container or tube for the body of your animal. Remove the tube and add head, tail, legs etc. Sculpt the head to add details. Add nails on outside and round clay spheres to make a musical instrument.

    8. Plaster of Paris inside balloon: Draw sculpture using pencil and shading techniques.

    9. Relief Cardboard Sculptures: Connect to Louise Nevelson exhibit at San Jose Museum of Art

    10. Skyscraper: In a group of 2-3, create a skyscraper from popsicle sticks that uses a repeating pattern as its base structure. This pattern to glued together to create the tower structure. Small cardboard box will serve as the base.

    11. Wire sculpture of an animal with buttons/beads:

    12. Wire Jewelry: Use wire to create a pendant that is a small wire sculpture. Use piers to shape the wire and a hammer to flatten the wire.