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    All students write an artist statement at the end of the trimester. Based on their work or themes they explored throughout the trimester. Everyone should photograph the progress of each art piece at the end of class using an iPad. These photos are useful to see a work’s development and also will help you when you are forming your artist’s statement.


    All students get to use the pottery wheel for about 4 class periods (1 week). They will get to keep their 3 best vessels made on the wheel and glaze them.

    Intro: Relief Sculpture including a repeating pattern. Use noodles and then paint over all one color in acrylic. This could be a good project to continue with a sub.


    1. Shoe tread slab plate--create foot for plate and form
    2. Monster Sculptures: Using a pinch pot technique, create a monster or animal from clay. The form focuses only on the head.


    1. Ice cream bowls: Students are taught the pinch pot technique and create an ice cream bowl that will later be glazed. Students will eventually use a masking tape technique on the bowls to create a two tones glazed project. First tone will be white--and taped over to save white in certain spots. Two coats of glazes are placed on top of the bowl and tape removed after glaze dries. Clear glaze applied over the white spots or can be left unglazed.


    1. Clay Plates: using a slab again, students lay clay onto a plastic plate and build up the surface a bit to create a design on the plate.


    1. Texture Collage Relief: Students are shown how to create different textures using stamps and sgraffito techniques. Then, they must create at least a 3 layer image using different pieces of clay that all have different textures on them. This project is similar to a collage, but with different patterns in clay.


    1. Book about you: using a slab technique, create a book, whose cover opens. On the cover is a title that relates to your life or how you would like your life to be. It must include text and a sculpture. You must draw in pages on the sides using needle tool, Inside, the box is a drawing about you or how you would like your life to unfold. Accompanying this project is a short written story about you and your book.


    1. Create an exemplary meal from another country: You and a partner work together to sculpt an entire entre meal. Each group chooses a different country and must learn about the food from that country. Each group is the owner of a restaurant and must create an example of their meal in clay to display in their restaurant window.


    1. Slab Form Sculpture: Create a gate or a monument in honor of someone you admire. This person could be living or deceased. Use only a slab form to create your sculpture. Sculpture must be carefully designed before beginning. This project includes a short written description of who and why you chose this person to admire.


    Slab form relief Cities: create a small scale city with clay


    Alternate Idea: Face Pocket Sculpture--using slab form, create a face that could look like a mask with different designs drawn in.


    1. Wire Sculpture Project: Using wire, create a sculpture that shows relief. Look at Alexander Calder

    1. Recycled Material Sculpture: working with a partner, create a monster or robot using only recycled materials provided by Ms. K. Use hot glue to connect and paint all silver for robot or more realistic for animal.


    1. Plaster toothpaste tubes: Use aluminum foil for the armature and create a sculpture of a squeezed tube of toothpaste, preferably one from home.