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    This class is divided into units: sculpture, drawing, and painting. In addition, every student will get to try out the pottery wheel to make a bowl or cup. These will be fired and glazed. This class exposes students to a variety of mediums and projects. 


    Partner Drawing: Partners are chosen by Ms. K. Students will create an imaginary house for a particular type of hamster. Sporty, lazy, fancy, brainy, artsy, techy, old, baby, musical, other ideas?


    Drawing Warm-Up: Create a design with a strip of paper and practice shading it with pencil.


    Sculpture Projects:


    Paper Sculpture: Use 1 single sheet of white paper and turn it into a sculpture of your choosing. Learn how to crinkle the paper to make it more malleable, and how to twist it to make it sturdier. Use a little tape for attaching sections and see what you can create.


    1. Sculpture
    2. Students practice drawing faces for 1 class period to understand the proportions (cartoon faces good). Students create a miniature face and learn how to sculpt eyes, nose, lips, ears of a human.
    3. Students create a miniature face of an animal and learn how to create eyes, nose/snout, ears, mouth of an animal.


    1. Everyday Object Sculpture-Choose an everyday object to sculpt (toothpaste tube, toothbrush, comb, cup, watch, shoe). The object should have some interesting form (no cell phones or iPads). Sketch your object and then create a clay sculpture of it. Try to be as realistic as possible and incorporate at least 2-3 details and texture. Object may be life size or larger.


    1. Cupcake Wars: Create a special cupcake container that has a unique theme to the top: Western theme could have a cow, skull, fence, ghost town for example. Make sure all of your little elements are attached properly to your cupcake.


    1. Movie Monster/Creature Sculpture: Choose a favorite character from a movie to sculpt in clay. First, you will need to draw the character in pencil. If it is a complicated character, you can choose to sculpt just the face. You may also choose to draw your movie monster as a completed project.


    Collage Projects: 

    1. Graphic Imagery Collage:
      1. Spend 2 class periods sketching outside. All sketches are kept, discussion of perspective and tips for drawing outside. Spend one day drawing classmates as well.
      2. Then, students will learn how to make rubbings outdoors using crayon.
      3. create a drawing or painting that incorporates letters, numbers, graphs chart maps, symbols with images. Use rubbings of signs from around campus to get the letters for this assignment. Cut out the letters and collage and incorporate outside drawings along with the cutouts.


    1. Collaged Landscapes using Google Earth: Using Google Earth, explore a place you would like to visit or a place your family is from. Look at this location from lots of angles. Choose one to sketch in pencil. Transfer your sketch to larger paper and use construction paper, other papers in the art room, as well as yarn and other materials to define the topography of the landscape you researched.


    Drawing Projects:


    1. Colored Pencil Drawing Overlapping Animals: Choose any animal to draw. Use a simple grid technique to draw the animal realistically on paper. Then, find another photo of this type of animal in a different position and try drawing it in an abstract manner in the background of foreground. Using colored pencils, blend and build up color on paper to complete the drawing.


    1. & 9. Oil Pastel Drawing and Gouache Painting of Food: Bring fruit and veggies into classroom and photograph/draw using iPads. Choose one of your photos to turn into a close-up drawing in oil pastels and then a painting in gouache. Use grid technique to transfer it to larger paper for your acrylic painting.


    1. Texture drawing: Drawing using different colors and different textures. Practice drawing different textures: squiggles, dots, small lines, cross hatching. Think about a drawing you would like to do using this technique. Draw out your image and fill the entire page with textures and colors. We will use thin markers for color for this project.


    Painting Projects:


    1. Small Canvas Paintings of part of your face: Choose your eyes, nose, mouth etc and practice drawing them. Then, using acrylic paint, you will paint part of your face on a small canvas. The trick with this project is mixing the colors (skin tones, eye color, lip color to mimic your’s).



    1. Acrylic Painting Using Only Mixed Colors: Look at the art of Ric Stultz: Create a painting of an object of your choice that uses 10 different mixed colors (acrylic paint).


    1. Gouache Painting of Food: in gouache (see description above)