• Janet

    Welcome to our 4th grade website. This is my 31st year teaching in the MPCSD and I love teaching more every year. Every year I have the opportunity to learn new teaching practices to bring to my classroom, engage with students who are curious and engaged, and celebrate learning as we grow and dig deep into our curriculum. 


    I am a mom of three and also have a zoo of five at home. My children are ages 14, 18, and 20. My two daughters, Lauren & Hannah, are both in college. This will be the first year that my son, Marcos, is the only child I have at home. Lauren is attending school in SoCal and Hannah is attending school in Oregon. Marcos attends Woodside High School as a freshman. My zoo consists of 3 cats and 2 dogs. I grew up in the bay area and attended college in Chico, CA. I have taught grades 3rd-5th, as well as small group work as an ELL teacher (teaching English to students who have other than English as a first language). I earned by National Board Certification 6 years ago and take pride in my continued learning as an educator, as I'm always striving to apply best practices in my classroom. 


    I believe that we are a team. By "we" I am including parents, students, and teacher. A team is successful when there is ongoing conversation that allows all members of the team to be heard, understood, and valued as a contributing member of the team. I ask that when you have a question, concern, compliment, idea, etc.... that you do not hesitate to speak up