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    This is a new class this year. There are 20 projects listed below and some we will not get to, but you can expect to have fun. If you try your best, are open-minded, and interested in learning new things, you will be very happy in this course. Students will work on assigned projects each class, some independent and some collaborative. Each Friday, students will work on a project of their own design, which will have some guidance and requirements. Students will develop their designs using the Design Thinking process. 


    1. Wire sculptures of people in cardboard frames. Create a small cardboard frame and inside, students will work on their wire sculpting skills, creating a small hanging person.
    2. Relief Image in Cardboard or Cell Phone Speakers: Create a relief image using at least 4 layers of cardboard. Each layer is cut and glued together. Cell phone speakers are made from a paper towel tube and cups.
    3. Bubbles: Make the biggest bubbles ever! We will construct the best bubble wand and test out our contraption.
    4. Casting Project: Using clay, press objects like shells into the clay. Let dry. Then, pour plaster over the clay to create a positive of the impression. Paint in a realistic manner.
    5. Cardboard Chairs: working in groups of 2-3, students will create a chair using only cardboard. The chair must hold one group member. For this project, first explore strong ways to attach cardboard and other ideas out there. Using only hot glue and duct table, you will need to build your chair. Every group will get the same amount of cardboard.
    6. Makey Makey: using Makey Makeys and the program Scratch, students will turn ordinary objects and even food into a musical instrument. The goal is to play “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” using the Makey Makeys. Students work in small groups.
    7. Create a card or piece of wearable art that lights up, using batteries and LED lights. 
    8. Cardboard Automata: students will make a moveable cardboard sculpture. One part of it must be able to move while the rest stays stable. Use dowels, cardboard, hot glue.
    9. Photogram: using light sensitive paper, students will create an image called a Photogram.
    10. Stop Motion Animation: using legos, cut paper, drawings on white board or paper. Animation must explain how to do something or animate a poem or song.
    11. Felted Animals: Students will learn how to make a felted animal using core wool, wool, and a special needle.
    12. Weaving: Create a weaving, keeping in mind colors that work well together.
    13. Rube Goldberg breakfast machine?
    14. Gingerbread Architecture
    15. Fashion Design: Use the paper from old library books to create a fashionable outfit. You may work with one partner on this project.
    16. Design Thinking Project: develop your own project using the design thinking process. You will work on this project on Fridays.
    17. Marble Run/Roller coaster: Students will use tubing, wood, cardboard, duct tape, and a few attaching tools to create the best marble run/roller coast imaginable. Your roller coaster needs to be designed with a theme in mind.
    18. Create a speedy racecar from cardboard, dowels, and race them on a ramp.
    19. Laser Cutter: Create a personal logo in Sketchbook or by hand and print this using the laser cutter.