• Advanced Art Projects                              memory project


    In addition to the projects below, students have the opportunity to use the pottery wheel. The class will work on a mural or public piece of art (possibly a sculpture in the bioswale). Students will also repaint the art room stools using famous paintings as inspiration. Students will also get to design their own project based on their own research and interests.


    Sculpture Projects:

    1. Large Coil Pottery.
    2. Tripod Mug: Learn to create a mug with a tripod base.
    3. Relief sculpture of a flower. Relief sculpture with a flat back and relief flower, inspired by Georgia O’Keefe. Flowers will be painted with acryclics to show-off the form.
    4. Clay sculpture using paper towel roll. Make an animal. Dog, Cat, etc.
    5. Sculpting Figures using wire and plaster gauze: Begin with wire armature, cover with aluminum foil to make limbs larger. Use plaster gauze to cover to armature.
    6. Realistic Sculpture of a Shoe: using a slab technique, sculpt a favorite shoe.
    7. Jeff Koons Art 21: After learning more about Jeff Koons, design a toy that is inspired by a ‘masterpiece’ from art history. Turn this toy into a 3D object.

    Drawing Projects:

    1. Black Squiggle Drawing: students choose a subject to draw (feet, hands) and use a ball point pen to draw light using a squiggle technique. Try to not leave any white on the paper showing.
    2. White colored pencil drawing on black paper. In this drawing you draw the light of the subject and need to think in reverse.
    3. Memory Project: work with the Memory Project to create a portrait of a child in an orphanage around the world. 
    4. Grid drawing based on an element of popular culture that you relate to: video games, books, tv shows, music, dances, etc.
    5. Important Architecture: draw in the neighborhood, discussion of perspective and sketching techniques. Each student chooses an iconic piece of architecture around the world to sketch and with the drawing, include the name of the building, why he/she chose it, and why it is important.
    6. Self Portrait: using foam core or paper, create a lifelike self portrait using your choice of dry materials: oil pastel, paper, pencil, charcoal.


    Painting Projects:

    1. Mural for school--complete 2 boards, decide on a theme, students draw elements of the mural and paint it with acrylic paint.
    2. Silk Painting: learn how to paint ink on silk to create a painting using salt.
    3. Canvas Painting incorporating texture and masking technique.
    4. Mixed Media Drawing/Painting: painting using watercolors and etching with thin black sharpie.
    5. Understanding coral reefs. Students will learn about the Coral Reef restoration project and paint underwater creatures. We will visit the Foster Art and Wilderness Center and view Tony Foster’s underwater paintings.
    6. Painting the art room stools: Choose a famous painter to study. Incorporate part of his/her painting onto an art room stool in your own style. Use enamal paint to do this.


    Independent/Mixed Media/Collage/Big Projects:

    1. Block Reduction Print: Learn how to align your prints to make a 3 color block print.
    2. Humane Society visit: visit the Silicon Valley Animal COntrol Authority--play with the animals, photograph them and then draw or sculpt them. Write about the experience to be included with the portrait.
    3. Animal Collage: Choose your cat or dog from the shelter or a different animal to collage using ripped paper and glue.
    4. Photo collage: take several photos of the same scene at different angles and positions. After the photos are printed, arrange them into a scene. Look at the art of: David Hockney, LA artist.
    5. Independent Project: Students collect images of art that they like from the internet. These are saved electronically. Students look for compositions, subject matter, and styles of art they like and would like to be able to paint, draw, or sculpt.
    6. Robert Adams Art 21: After learning more about Robert Adams, photographer, it is your task to create a beautiful image (drawing, painting, sculpture) from something that is typically thought of as repulsive or ugly. Write a companion piece about your subject’s transformation.
    7. A Day in the Life Project: think about what is important to you that you really enjoy spending your time outside of school: with family, friends, on the soccer field, or in your backyard…photograph a day in your life. Bring in your series of photos documenting a typical day in your life. Choose one of these photos as inspiration for a mixed media drawing/painting project.