• Mixed Media Art Projects                    man



    All students write an artist statement at the end of the trimester. Based on their work or themes they explored throughout the trimester. Be sure to photograph your artwork at the end of every class to document its progress. These photos will be saved and used as part of your artist statement.

    1. (Early project to get to know another classmate) Collage: Partner with someone else in the class. Create a collage with seeming unrelated imagery. Try using scale to balance the work and repetition to unify it.


    1. Stenciling: Choose 3 symbols/images that are important to you. Sketch them about 4” x 6” or slightly smaller/bigger. Trace important aspects of each symbol on clear plastic and cut out, being sure that there are some details and openings in the plastic. Create an underpainting using acrylics/watercolors/gouache and add stencils over it to create a layered effect.


    1. Sculpture: Create a sculpture of a food that is also a container.


    1. Burnished Sculpture: Create a small container that emphasizes surface texture. You may concentrate on making the vessel very smooth by using a burnishing technique when it is leather hard.


    1. Acrylics: Take a photo on your iPad. Ms. Kogan will print it out for you on good paper. Alter the image using acrylic paints and thin brushes. You must add designs or hatching to the printout, paint with gel medium, and other finer details using transparent or opaque paint.


    1. Collage: Create a small collage with only one type of material + glue. THis could be wallpaper, painted scraps, construction paper. What did you learn about your material?


    1. Block Printing: Using a 4” x 6” Block, carve a design into your block. The subject should touch at least one side of your block. Incorporate hatching or cross-hatching. Print black and white and print an image multiple times on white paper. Prepare at least 3 pieces of printing paper with collage, watercolor underpainting, or other pattern or design that will enhance your image. Use the block you carved and create a clay tile by pressing a slab of clay into the tile. You may need to try a few times to get it exactly correct.


    1. Tile Etching: Sketch out an idea to etch onto your tile. Apply Teacher’s Palette Black glaze on white tile and let dry. Use skewer to etch design or drawing on your tile. Ms. K will fire it. Mishima technique using underglazes.


    1. Watercolors: Choose an animal you admire, preferably one that has texture (fur, scales). Find a close-up image of this animal (not a full body image necessarily). Sketch it and then transfer the sketch to larger paper. Use artist tape to block out and create some texture into the animal. Or, use white oil pastel to act as a resist. Incorporate shading and multiple layers of watercolor paint to create your painting of an animal.

    10. Mixed Media Final Project: Recreate a printed advertisement by scaling it up and transferring it onto good drawing paper. Alter the meaning further by adding found materials or collage or paint to the drawing.