• Student Expectations

    School devices (chromebooks, iPads) and school accounts are to be used for school-related purposes only. Please help your child understand keeping their school and personal accounts separate is a good rule of thumb to follow. This directly translates into their adult lives as they experience having access to technology through their work. Learning this lesson now will help them differentiate between using technology in a professional manner versus a personal manner. 


    Here are the expectations students are held to when using technology and accounts provided by MPCSD: Room 34 Technology Contract

    Here are the policies set in place by MPCSD: MPCSD Technology Agreements


    We use several different websites in our classroom. To access most of them at home, students can log in to Clever, which is a platform that helps us organize all of the applications students use in one spot. Please follow these instructions to log in to Clever:

    1. Go to the Clever website  - Click here to go to Clever

    2. Go to the upper right corner of the webpage and click on "Log in as a student"

    3. Search for Oak Knoll School and click on it once you find it.

    4. Have your child enter their normal login and password (see the "LOGIN" section of your child's binder for usernames and passwords).

    5. They can access Altitude, Google Drive, Frax, Reflex Math, eSpark, Prodigy Math, Think Central, Seesaw, Typing Club, Code.org, Kiddle and Word Central (a children's online dictionary/thesaurus).  


    We also use Google Drive regularly. Please follow these instructions to log in to Google Drive:

    1. Go to the Google Drive website - Google Drive Website

    2. Click on the blue button under "Personal" that says "Go to Google Drive"

    3. Enter their Menlo Park City School District email - it is their login name (the one from the orange card I gave parents at Back to School Night) with @mpcsd.org attached to the end

    4. Enter their password - (see the "LOGIN" section of your child's binder for usernames and passwords)