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  • Note that our afterschool program providers are independent companies who each maintain their own enrollment policies and processes (read Important Disclaimers below).  There is no central reservation system for afterschool programs.

    Please help us continue to improve our After School activities by taking this short online survey.  And, you can always send ideas and suggestions to afterschoolactivities@encinalschool.com.


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    Please contact the vendor (see vendor contact information at the bottom of this page). Classes will be delayed if an instructor is tracking down students. Vendors, teachers and the After School Activities Coordinator make every effort to get every student to the programs' location, however, it is the parents' responsibility to direct their child to the correct location, especially on the first day of class.


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Other Information


    • The after-school program information on the Encinal School website and in the school newsletter is presented by the Encinal PTO as a service to the Encinal community.  
    • The program providers are independent contractors who reserve the right to change their program status, dates, and meeting times.  Each program provider maintains its own registration system, policies, and procedures.
    • Although parent volunteers strive to keep this information up-to-date on the website, parents should always contact the program provider for the latest status and meeting dates/times.  
    • Employees and volunteers of Encinal School, Encinal PTO, and Menlo Park City School District are not liable for any errors, omissions, or changes.


    • Encinal after-school activities are programs offered by independent contractors and are not official Encinal School, Encinal PTO, or Menlo Park City School District programs.
    • Parents contract directly with the program provider.  A student is not considered enrolled until the parent has received confirmation from the program provider.  (Website payment confirmation does not constitute enrollment confirmation.)
    • The program providers are responsible only for the students with confirmed enrollment in their classes, and then only during the class times and dates that the program provider has given to the parents.
    • No walk-in registration is allowed.  Parents of students without confirmed enrollment are responsible for their children at school dismissal time, as usual.


    Please contact the program directly with questions or concerns. If you need help contact the After School Activities coordinator, Sima Westwood at afterschoolactivities@encinalschool.com.

    Will Your Child Be Absent?

    You MUST contact the program directly if your child will be absent. These programs - and not Encinal School/PTO - are responsible for your children after school. Encinal School provides a list of absent and early excused students to the vendors. All contacts are with the instructors on site.