• Starfire Math is Fun

    Kids explore, and experience the joy of the world of mathematical thinking and problem solving. Students learn to think like mathematicians, problem solve and develop a deep conceptual understanding of mathematics. Starfire Math 2.0 emphasizes learning through FUN, engaging, challenging, learn-by-doing hands-on activities in small classes with individualized attention from STEM professionals.


    The Starfire Math mission is to create a fun and supportive learning environment where kids have the opportunity to experience the joy of math and along the way, develop a deep conceptual understanding of math, mathematical thinking, and problem solving, to give them the inner-confidence to persist and persevere to solve unfamiliar and challenging problems in school and the real world.

    Starfire Math, Encinal Fall Session 2017

    Grades 1-2: Wednesdays: 2:40-3:55pm

    Grades 3-5: Wednesdays: 3:05-4:20pm

    9/13-12/20, no class: 10/25, 11/22

    (13) 1.25 hr.classes: $535

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