• Young Rembrandts - Drawing Classes for Kids!


    Young Rembrandts teaches drawing, the basis of all visual arts, in a fun and nurturing setting that ensures success for every child. We offer classes that combine basic drawing techniques, portraiture, cartooning, Art History lesson, Landscape, Animals, Birds etc…. Students will improve core learning skills while delving into a favorite subject matter. Our classes are fun, engaging and affordable. They offer children a safe, comfortable place to talk about art, learn drawing skills and have fun while surrounded by creativity and encouragement. Parents can expect improved attention to detail, time on task, improved . We will be using different coloring mediums like pastels, markers, colored pencils ,water colors etc)

    Students enrolled in the Young Rembrandts’ classes also display an increase in a variety of skills: 


    • Cognitive development

    • Sharing and self-discipline

    • Fine motor skills, handwriting readiness & attention span

    • Patience, discipline and focus


    We look forward to building colorful memories with students during the Young Rembrandts class.


    Fall 2019 SCHEDULE

    Grades:  K-2


    TUESDAYS: 2:40pm - 4:10pm (90 minutes)

    Aug 27 - Dec 17, No class Oct 15, Nov 26, Dec 3


    WEDNESDAYS: 2:40 pm - 3:40pm  

    Aug 28 - Dec 18, No class Oct 16, Nov 27, Dec 4 

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