Spanish Specialist Program

  • The goal of the K-5 Spanish Specialist Program is to create a globally minded climate throughout the whole school, increase multicultural experiences, strengthen bonds with our Spanish-speaking students, and lay a foundation for future language learning.

    At Encinal, all K-5 Students participating in the Spanish Specialist program receive between 45-60 minutes a week of Spanish instruction from a Spanish specialist teacher.

    The Middle School World Language Program begins in the 6th grade and offers both Spanish and French as an elective.  Hillview students have several language options. Some are able to complete up to Spanish 2 or French 2 over the course of their three years or they can choose to participate in an advanced "Spanish for Spanish Speakers" elective (also starting in 6th grade).

    This elective class, although available to native or advanced Spanish speakers, was designed to meet the demand created by the K-5 Spanish Immersion classes matriculating to the Middle School.

Spanish Specialist Program at Encinal

Spanish Specialist Program at Laurel

Spanish Specialist Program at Oak Knoll