Language at Hillview

  • The Middle School World Language Program begins in the 6th grade and offers both Spanish and French as an elective.  Hillview students are now able to complete up to Spanish 2 or French 2 over the course of their three years at Hillview  Hillview also offers an advanced "Spanish for Spanish Speakers" elective (also starting in 6th grade) to meet the demand created by the K-5 Spanish Immersion classes matriculating to the Middle School.  The Spanish for Spanish Speakers elective is available to any native or advanced Spanish speaker not associated with the Immersion program.

Spanish and French

  • Hillview students have the opportunity to study Spanish or French as a second language.  Students who take Spanish or French at Hillview have a good foundation, which prepares them for that language, if they choose to pursue it in high school.

Spanish for Spanish Speakers

  • The Spanish for Spanish speakers class provides an appropriately rigorous program such that interested students can enter a Spanish for Spanish Speakers program in high school at the highest possible level according to their interest, effort, and ability.

    The expectation is for students to become culturally, globally, and linguistically fluent individuals who are able to express themselves in an age-appropriate level in many different contexts.
    By the end of year 3, students will be able to communicate in Spanish within the following areas:

    •  Letter writing

    •  Persuasive essay

    •  Oral conversation

    •  Cultural comparison

    Upon completion of Spanish for Spanish speakers year 3, students may be awarded the Biliteracy Attainment Award. The Bilingual Attainment award, given in conjunction with the County Office of Education, is designed to celebrate the attainment of age-appropriate biliteracy. For more information about the Bilingual Attainment Award Click Here.