• Jayd Almquist

    Jayd Almquist

    Mr. Almquist teaches Art to our students K-5. His philosophy is that elementary art should be fun, challenging, and based on passion and student creativity. Many of the art projects students create are based on art concepts and designs, while also incorporating art history. Students study Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, and Georgia O'Keefe to name a few. He encourages students to take risks in order to further develop independent thinking.

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  • Jane Bennion

    Jane Bennion

    Ms. Bennion, our school librarian, teaches all students K-5 every week, helping them to find books of interest in different genres at their level. Additionally, she helps to develop our older students' research skills, based on the California State Reading and Writing standards, supporting them in finding credible sources on topics of interest.

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  • Hope Scheid

    Hope Scheid

    Ms. Scheid teaches Physical Education to all students K-5, engaging them in fun sports and games that are tied to the California State standards and helps them to develop gross and fine motor skills. She sees all students 4-5 times per week, working with individual classes and larger grade level groups.

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  • Bee Tee

    Bee Tee

    Ms. Tee teaches the Orff approach to music to students K-5. This approach, developed by Carl Orff, emphasizes rhythmic patterns and movement. Students are also introduced to a variety of musical instruments over the years. Additionally, Ms. Tee leads our 3rd grade "Lion King" production, and upper grade musical every year.

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  • Alison Ziff

    Alison Ziff

    Maestra Ziff teaches our K-3 world language and culture program. Students get the opportunity to develop as global citizens through interactive, explorative, and multi-modal activities such as song, theater, art, technology, writing, and more! They will be learning common and useful Spanish language, as well as developing cultural awareness in learning about different Spanish speaking countries and cultures.

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