Robots in the Real World- Sparkriverse

  • You can have your robot and code it too! We've sourced the coolest robots - many "hot" off the Kickstarter presses.  In this Robots in the Real World class, students combine their love of playing with robots with their thirst to learn to code.  

    We start with the fundamentals - what is a robot and how do robots make decisions?  Students conduct experiments with our Ozobot robots to see how robots make decisions and change these decisions through coding.

    How do robots get used in the real world - whether on our roads or in our skies?  We look inside the technological innovation, as well as the business side, of designing and building robots.  The class explores the world of self-driving cars and how they actually work. How would students design a self-driving car?  Why does Google’s latest model for the self-driving car look like a smiling face? And then students experiment coding with our Thymio robots to test which way works best.

    We also look beyond our world into the skies by exploring the challenges with the Mars Rover. What tasks does it need to complete and what tools does it have. Students program a virtual Mars rover to autonomously explore a virtual Mars. We wrap up the class with an introduction to AI - Artificial Intelligence.  How does AI work? What is machine learning? Students compete in a challenge to see if they are smarter than a robot with our 20 questions with AI.

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    Fridays 3:00-4:30pm for Grades 1-3

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