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  • Code Retro Game- Sparkiverse

    An electrifying semester of fun for your maker in the making!
    It’s all about gadgets and gizmos. If your student enjoys physically creating circuits with their own two hands and using their imagination to come up with novel inventions, then this is the class for them. Not only will students learn the basics of working with electronic components, they’ll also build with them and learn how to code them. 

    We’ve specially designed this class for students ready to move to the next level of coding and hacking electronics. They’ll be using Arduino to prototype their own inventions. REAL components, REAL breadboards, and REAL fun! 

    The class starts with electronics basics, such as working with Arduino to program LEDs -- turning them off and on, as well as making them change colors. Then each week we tackle new domains (ex: sound, movement, and interaction) to challenge students to expand on what they’ve learned. From constructing a mini-synth keyboard to programming a game of Simon Says, students learn how the technology works on the inside, and they’ll experience the satisfaction of building something in the real world.


    Registration Information

    Mondays 3:00-4:30pm for Grades 3-5 

    Please visit our website to sign up.