Menlo Park Board of Education

  • School Board members are locally elected public officials whose role is ensure that the school district they govern is responsive to the values, beliefs, and priorities of their communities. The Board has five major responsibilities: Setting direction; Establishing an effective and efficient structure; Providing support; Ensuring accountability; Providing community leadership as advocates for children, the school district, and public schools. Authority is granted to the Board as a whole, not each member individually. Therefore, Board members work together as a governance team with the Superintendent to make decisions that will best serve all students in the community. Board members welcome input from the community. To email the entire Board, please email Board member's individual emails are listed below their names.

Board President: David Ackerman

    D. Ackerman

    Terms: 2016-2020
    Term Ends: Dec. 2020
    • Board's Committee on Finance and Audit
    • Board Representative on MPCSD's Negotiations Team for MPEA
    • Liaison to District Council
    • Liaison to Menlo Park Atherton Education Foundation (MPAEF)
    • Liaison to City Council of Menlo Park and the Town Council of Atherton 
    • Superintendent's Advisory Committees:
      • Early Learning Education


Board Member: Stacey Jones

  • Board Member

    Terms: 2018-2022, 2014-2018
    Term Ends: Dec. 2022
    • Board Representative on MPCSD's Negotiations Team for CSEA
    • Superintendent's Advisory Committees:
      • Policy

Board Member: Sherwin Chen

  • Sherwin Chen  
    Term: 2018-2022
    Term Ends: Dec 2022
    • Board's Committees:
      • Finance and Audit
      • Technology
    • Liaison to MPCSD's Jeanie Richie Grant Committee
    • Superintendent's Advisory Committee:
      • Facilities, Construction and Long Range Planning

Board Member: Scott Saywell

  •  Scott Sawyell

    Term: 2018-2022
    Term Ends: Dec. 2022

    • Superintendent's Advisory Committees:
      • Facilities, Construction and Long Range Planning
      • Policy


Emeritus Board Members Since 1996