• California School Dashboard

    The California School Dashboard is a critical piece of California's new school accountability and continuous improvement system. The state’s former accountability system—the Academic Performance Index (API)—relied exclusively on standardized tests and gave schools a single score. That system was suspended three years ago.

  • The California School Dashboard incorporates six state performance measures and four local indicators (six local indicators for county offices of education). The six state measures are:

    • Academic Indicator, which includes results on standardized tests
    • Career/College Readiness
    • English Learner Progress
    • Graduation Rate
    • Suspension Rate
    • Chronic Absenteeism

    Information for two state indicators—Chronic Absenteeism and College/Career Readiness—and the six local indicators will be added as they become available. Local educational agencies and schools receive one of five color-coded performance levels for each state indicator for all students and for each student group. The performance levels are calculated based on how current performance compares to past performance. From highest to lowest, the five performance levels are blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. The four local indicators are:

    • Basic Services and School Conditions
    • Implementation of State Academic Standards
    • Parent Engagement
    • School Climate

    Taken from the California Departement of Education