• Site Council

    About Site Council

    Laurel School Site Council meetings are open to all of Laurel's parent, staff, and community members. Any member of the community or public may address the Council during meetings on items within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Council. Your interest and participation are welcomed.


    The School Site Council is composed of parents, students, and staff who play an important role in the governance of Laurel School.


    The SSC's responsibilities include:

    • Annually monitor, review, and approve the Laurel School Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA).
    • Recommend the approved SPSA to the Menlo Park City School District governing board.
    • Annually develop and assess the Site Council budget so that it is aligned with the SPSA.
    • Allocate categorical and discretionary funding budgets that are consistent with the California Education Code (CDE).
    • Measure the effectiveness of improvement strategies at Laurel.
    • Reaffirm or revise Laurel improvement strategies, goals, and expenditures.
    • Take any other action required by California Education Code (CDE).

    The SSC is composed of:

    • The Principal
    • Five members from different grade levels/specialities representing certificated teaching staff
    • Two members of the non-teaching staff
    • Four parents or members of the community
    • Parent/Community members are normally recruited by the current parent members for the following year, then approved by the PTO. Ideally, the Site Council should involve parents from the entire cross section of the student body; including all socio-economic, ethnic, and program groups.



    Laurel School Site Council 

    All Meetings are Open to the Public

    Meeting Dates -- All Meetings Begin at 3:45

    9/18/19 Upper Campus - Goal Achievement from 2019

    10/9/19 Lower Campus - Review and Approve 2019-20 SPSA

    12/18/20 Upper Campus - Develop Site Specific Survey Questions

    1/22/20 Upper Campus - Develop Site Specific Survey Questions

    3/25/20 Lower Campus - Analyze Survey Data

    4/23/20 District Office - School Site Council Training

    5/13/20 Upper Campus - Analyze Progress Toward Goals, based on T2 Data