How does MPCSD per student funding compare to communities like ours around the country?

  • The national average for per student spending in the US is just over $11,000. Across the country, highly educated, diverse communities that serve mostly middle to high income families similar to Menlo Park choose to make even higher investments in their children’s education than their respective states require or provide. Below is list of comparable communities outside of California that invest greater sums of money to their local public schools through the avenues provided to them by their respective state laws.


    Peer Community

    Spending per Student

    Lower Merion, PA


    Cambridge, MA


    Princeton, NJ


    Greenwich, CT


    Newton, MA


    Arlington, VA


    Darien, CT





    Even more illustrative of the difference, class sizes in these peer districts are consistently around 16:1 (students to teacher) with additional full-time aids in the classrooms, compared to MPCSD’s 23:1 (student to teacher) average K-3 with only part-time aids a couple hours per day.  Considering that MPCSD is consistently benchmarked in the top quartile in terms of quality of education, one could argue that the district is spending its revenue very well and significantly outperforming its spending levels.