Did March 2017 passage of Measure X solve the fiscal crisis for the district?

  • Yes, temporarily. With Measure X, the district had financial stability (reserves meeting Board policy) through fiscal year 2021. Measure X was successful in providing the four-year financial stability runway the district intendend. The district gained an additional year of security with Measure X as well. Following the long-term financial plan, the School Board has placed a renewal parcel tax for Measure X on the November 2021 ballot. This renewal, Measure B, will replace Measure X with a modest increase of $192.50. Measure B, if passed, will provide 12 years of stability for the students, staff, and families of MPCSD. Measure B will take effect in July 2022 if passed by 66% of voters.


    As a community funded district, MPCSD does not receive additional funding per student, and will continue to rely on property tax growth, parcel taxes, and contributions to the Menlo Park-Atherton Education Foundation to provide the world-class education the community desires.