What is the history of MPCSD’s role of Assistant Superintendent?

  • In 2000, when MPCSD’s enrollment had grown to 1975 students, an Assistant Superintendent was hired for the first time. This role was charged with overseeing all areas of the organization that touch the child's learning experience, including: curriculum, materials, assessment, English Language Services, instruction, teacher professional development, state & federal categorical programing, etc. As MPCSD’s enrollment continued to grow, the need for an Assistant Superintendent only increased. For a short period, during the 2013-14 and 2014-15 school years, the Superintendent at the time piloted a two director model in place of the Assistant Superintendent. After the two year pilot and in light of growing financial pressures on the district, MPCSD eliminated the two Director positions opting to return to the Assistant Superintendent model utilized today. This model is more efficient, cost effective, consistent with neighboring districts, and provides the leadership necessary for our innovative district to continue to thrive.