Are MPCSD teachers overpaid?

  • No. MPCSD operates in a professional labor market in which the demand for high-quality teachers is greater than the supply. When one accounts for the extraordinarily high cost of living in the Silicon Valley (particularly in Menlo Park) and considers that teachers are the single most important factor for every child achieving academic excellence, the answer, again, is NO. The district’s bottom line is simple: MPCSD pays what is necessary to attract and retain high quality teachers in an extremely competitive environment. Its salaries are comparable to neighboring, similar districts and its hiring practices and salary structure ensure that it can continue to deliver the overall highest possible quality of education to its students. Communities like Menlo Park demand high quality schools; teacher salaries, work environment, and professional support ensure that the district can continue to offer what the community demands.


    Through the vision and hard work of Board members, administration, and an outstanding teaching and support staff over the last 20 years, MPCSD transformed itself from an average performing district to the world-class, top performing district it is today. It is a talent organization that not only pays to attract and retain extraordinary performers, but also to provide professional development experiences to team members that is second to none.


    While MPCSD teacher salaries compare favorably to other districts statewide, in comparison to similar districts, nearby districts, MPCSD is not an outlier by any means. Using the six districts listed below as comparables and when comparing 2016-17 total compensation (salary + benefits) in each category, MPCSD ranks 3rd out of seven across four different experience and training levels of teachers. Visit the Salary Schedules page on the district Human Resources website for more information.


    Teacher Experience and Training Level

    MPCSD Rank

    Bachelor’s Degree w/ no experience

    3rd highest comp out of 7

    Bachelor’s Degree w/ 45 additional college units and 10 years of experience

    3rd highest comp out of 7

    Bachelor’s Degree w/ 90 additional college units and 22 years of experience

    3rd highest comp out of 7

    Maximum Experience

    3rd highest comp out of 7

    * Comparable districts include the following San Mateo County school districts: Belmont-Redwood Shores, Hillsborough, Las Lomitas, Portola Valley, Woodside, and Palo Alto Unified.


    It’s also important to note that MPCSD teachers work 189 days, the highest number of days of any comparable school district. This means that MPCSD teachers’ per diem salary is even less than the ranking for total compensation would suggest. It’s also instructive to note that in an environment with a much more diverse student body, MPCSD teachers achieve similar or even better results than comparable districts.