Is the MPCSD Enrollment Trend Changing?

  • MPCSD experienced rapid enrollment growth for many years, growing 40% from 2005-06 to its peak enrollment of nearly 3,000 students in 2016-17. Because MPCSD is a community funded district, it does not receive additional funding based on enrollment. Since 2017-17, enrollment has been farily flat and the pandemic beginning in 2020 caused many families to move away from the area. At the end of the 2020-21 year, enrollment was 2781. MPCSD does expect future enrollment growth when housing development within the district begins to open. Demographic projections for 2024 anticipate enrollment back up to 2866. To see more enrollment facts and figures, visit the Enrollment Page at Open Gov.


    Is it good or bad for MPCSD to lose enrollment? Unlike state funded (a.k.a.“revenue-limit”) districts, MPCSD does not receive additional revenue from increased enrollment. As a community funded (a.k.a. “basic aid”) district, MPCSD receives a fixed percentage of property tax. It does not rise or fall with increased enrollment. Thus, MPCSD actually benefits to some degree when fewer students enroll. Why? Because we have fewer students to serve with the same amount of money. However, after absorbing a 40% enrollment increase, we welcome a few years of low to no enrollment growth. Even with a flat enrollment trend, MPCSD receives less money per student that other local peer districts.