Are MPCSD Class Sizes Bigger This Year (2017-18)?

  • It is true that on the whole class sizes are increasing ever so slightly in MPCSD. The first six months of 2017 were spent educating the MPCSD community on the need to cut $2.2 million from the district’s budget even with the passage of Measure X. Those cuts have been applied, which included a tightening up of class size across the district. The new reality for MPCSD is that we cannot run the ‘flexible’ staffing levels that resulted in some classes being as low as 18 students per class. All elementary classes are staffed at an average of 22-24 with a max in the primary grades of 24. Middle school class size is 23. While we have tightened, MPCSD still has some of the lowest class sizes in the county and state; our sizes are comparable to our community-funded neighbors.