Educational Services Department

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    The Educational Services department provides support and leadership to assist staff, parents, and community members in achieving our District's goals, particularly, academic achievement for all MPCSD's students. Our students are provided with a standards-based curriculum delivered through a variety of instructional strategies, which will prepare them to be responsible citizens in a knowledge-based global society.

    Assistant Superintendent
    Jammie Behrendt
    (650) 321-7140 Ext. 5613
    Coordinator, Data and Assessment
    Sandy Pugliano
    (650) 321-7140 Ext. 5623

    Coordinator, English Learner Services
    Katherie Strach
    (650) 321-7140 Ext. 5619
    Coordinator, World Language and Spanish Immersion
    Tami Girsky
    (650) 321-7140 Ext. 5622
    Coordinator, Family Engagement
    Flor Espinal
    (650) 321-7140 Ext. 5627
    Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA) Technology and Innovation
    Theresa Fox
    (650) 321-7140
    Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA) Math/Science
    Alicia Payton
    (650) 321-7140 Ext. 5618
    Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA) English Language Arts/Social Studies
    Lela Ward
    (650) 321-7140 Ext. 5624
    Administrative Assistant
    Lori Perri
    (650) 321-7140 Ext. 5613