Feedback Analytics Team Prepares for Feedback February 2.0

  • In MPCSD, we continue to build a feedback-rich culture in which feedback is seen and experienced as a gift. This year's Feedback Analytics Team (comically referred to by some as the "FAT" Team) is being led by two dynamic MPCSD leaders, Principals Sharon Burns and Kristen Gracia. Burns and Gracia facilitated the first of two reflection and prototyping sessions for the next iteration of the Panorama surveys administered to staff, parents, and students. The Feedback Analytics Team includes nearly all of the members of last year's Team with the addition of more voices and perspectives this year.


    Joining certificated staff members Jacqui Cebrian and Jenny Ryan on the Team this year are teachers Mark Schack, Susan Preston, Teagan Stapp, Vince Lopez and Rachel Knight. Together with our administrative and parent volunteers serving on the FAT team, participants spent an entire day on October 6 reviewing both the content and experience of our first prototype. The Team was joined by two designers from Panorama Education who helped to facilitate thoughtful conversations resulting in actionable feedback.


    Included in the new January 2018 survey will be shorter surveys, fewer "scales" (thematic question groups), more customized questions, and strategically placed open-ended questions that provide opportunity to explain respondent reasoning. Additionally, the FAT team agreed that the comparison data of teachers within the district was unhelpful and distracting; the local comparable data will be removed from version 2.0 reporting.


    Between the October 6 reflection session and the upcoming November 29 review session, Burns and Gracia are partnering with Panorama designers to create a prototype version 2.0 for review by the team. In fact, most recently 3rd-8th grade classroom teachers were asked to complete a brief survey titled Feedback on the Feedback to help Burns and Gracia narrow the scales and questions on the student survey in a way that gives teachers the most robust and actionable data. Following these edits to the prototype, it is the Team's desire to make the survey draft available to teachers to review before the survey window in January. If you have questions or feedback, feel free to email Sharon and Kristen.