• The misson of the BCP is a teacher credential program that strives to develop the skills of individuals who aspire to be bilingual teachers and revel in the quest to help every child become their best. The BCP utilizes the skils and expertise of highly qualified Menlo Park City School District staff to train and support future bilingual teachers.


    We promote the development of individuals who are bilingual in English and Spanish and have the temperament, interest, and foundational skills to become effective classroom teachers yet lack the financial resources and/or flexibility to complete a traditional university-based teacher training program.





    • To provide a comprehensive program which develops excellent skills in future teachers.
    • To offer an affordable and accessible, high quality program to candidates who may not otherwise have the financial ability to become teachers or who hadn't seen themselves previously in this role.
    • To create a pipeline of teaching candidates which will mitigate the bilingual teacher shortage for all school districts in the Bay Area.

Program Design

    • We offer a comprehensive program best supports the facilitation of achieving a Multiple Subject credential with bilingual authorization and reinforces a commitment to the California adopted state standards and frameworks for TK-8.
    • We offer an educator preparation program that encompasses all the curricular areas included in the Common Core State Standards (CCSS): Math, Spanish and English Language Arts (Reading, Writing, Speaking), Science and Social Science. Additionally, we also consider physical education, the visual/performing arts, and world language as essential elements of our program.
    • We recruit bilingual individuals already making a difference in the community who may not have the flexibility to leave their current job or pay the high tuition of a traditional university program.
    • We provide an affordable and accessible high quality program that will lead to a Preliminary Multiple Subject credential with a bilingual authorization.
    • We believe other districts in our area will benefit from a pipeline of well-trained, bilingual educators who represent a diversity of racial, economic, and language backgrounds.


    The following is the BCP approach to the design of our educator preparation program:

    • Courses which teach all competency areas of mandated by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing
      • Courses to be taught by current MPCSD teachers/administrators or affiliates  
      • Student Teaching (2 master teachers per MPCSD Bilingual Credentialing program student)
    • Professional Development Opportunities
      • Offered for all MPCSD teachers and qualified staff
      • Topics include educational technology, Teachers College Reading and Writing workshop, math strategies, Project Based Learning (PBL), and NGSS science standards
    • MPCSD Bilingual Credentialing Program Required practicum
      • Year long class designed to provide mentoring and support for the length of the program