• How is the BCP different than the other credential programs?


    How long is the program?

    BCP candidates will participate in a year of coursework and coaching, beginning with a full-time six-week training in early summer. School year support includes a combination of online modules, classroom coaching and full and partial day in-person evening and Saturday sessions. At the conclusion of the program, candidates will be ready to make a long lasting impact in the classroom.


    When will I be a fully certified teacher?

    When teachers complete pre-service training, they are recommended for their district intern credential, which allows them to be hired as a full-time MPCSD educator and earn a salary while working toward full certification.

    Candidates who successfully meet certification and program requirements at the completion of their first year will be recommended for a California preliminary Multiple Subject credential with a Bilingual Authorization in Spanish. 


    What does the summer training include?

    Pre-service training begins in early summer. It is an intensive six-week course that includes student teaching, coaching and seminar sessions. Teachers learn essential skills like managing a classroom, delivering content, and keeping students engaged in rigorous learning activities. These fundamentals must be mastered by the end of summer training.

    Only teachers who can demonstrate those skills will complete pre-service training and begin teaching full-time in the fall. Pre-service training is extremely demanding, consisting of sessions five days per week for approximately 10-12 hours daily. Due to the critical importance of the training, daily attendance is mandatory.



    Am I guaranteed a job with MPCSD after I complete the BCP?

    Candidates of the BCP must go through the same interview process as all applicants to MPCSD.


    How do I know if I am qualified for the program?

    Please see for page for eligibility requirements.


    When is the application deadline?

    Application will be open after the initial accreditation period.  Coming soon!



    For additional information, please contact bcp@mpcsd.org