Cultural Arts Day

  •  What does our committee do?

    • Plan, organize and execute Cultural Arts Day for the school.

    What types of responsibilities do our volunteers have?

    • Selecting the country.
    • Selecting and coordinating activities such as professional performance, museum, sport, craft, and food tasting.
    • Creating history/culture and story presentations.
    • Working with staff and administration on logistics for the day.
    • Coordinating and training volunteers/teachers.
    • Setup/Cleanup. 

    When do we need you?

    • Planning begins in the summer; CAD is generally held in late Winter. 

    How much time commitment is involved?

    • ~ 1-2 hours or two per week; particularly as the event approaches. 

    Any special skills required?

    • Organization, creativity, interest in other cultures.


    Please refer to the PTO Committees table to contact the committee chair.