Report an Absence or Tardy

  • Attendance will continue to be tracked through SchoolMessenger. Students will be required to attend required virtual meetings and complete assignments as part of the Hillview Distance Learning program unless they have an excused absence, like an illness.


    If your child is sick and cannot participate in distance learning, please go to SchoolMessenger and mark your child as absent (just as you would if your child could not "go" to school).


    If your child is coming to campus during hybrid blended learning, you will need to submit a daily health screener every morning. For more information visit Parent Square Health Screener.


    If you have any issues reporting an absence, email Hillview’s attendance clerk, Monica Bosch, at



    Ways to Report an Absence

    Via SchoolMessenger App

    1. Provide your email address to the school.
    2. Get the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
    3. Tap Sign Up to create your account.
    4. Select Attendance from the menu, and then select Report an Absence.

    Via SchoolMessenger Website

    1. Provide your email address to the school.
    2. Go to the SchoolMessenger website.
    3. Click Sign Up to create your account.
    4. Select Attendance from the menu, then select "Report an Absence"

    Interactive Toll-free Phone

    1. Call the toll-free, interactive telephone system (844-290-7698) using a phone number you have on record with the district to identify you as a parent/guardian. 
    2. Follow the instructions to report an absence.
  • Reporting an Absence

    At Hillview, safety is always one of our top priorities. Part of ensuring student safety is knowing that all of our students have arrived to school and are accounted for. To enhance our existing absence-checking procedure and verify student attendance more quickly through a system called SafeArrival. 


    What is SafeArrival?

    SafeArrival is an absence management system within the SchoolMessenger app that improves student safety and makes it easy for you to let the school know about your child’s absence. You are asked to report your child’s absence in advance whenever possible using one of three convenient methods listed above.


    Why do I need a SchoolMessenger app account?

    A SchoolMessenger app account is not required to use the toll-free phone line to report absences. However, we strongly recommend that you provide your email address to the school and set up your SchoolMessenger app account. This allows you to review and update absences, review your contact information and communication preferences and more.


    Please see related SchoolMessenger app documentation for setting up your account, resetting your password, reviewing contact information, and specifying communication preferences. Once you have set up your account, choose ATTENDANCE from the menu.


    If you cannot set up your account, you do not see the ATTENDANCE option, or you do not see your child(ren) listed in your account, please contact the school directly to check that your correct email address is associated with your child(ren).


    SafeArrival FAQ’s

    SafeArrival for Families FAQ - English

    SafeArrival for Families FAQ - Spanish