ELC Tuition and Tuition Assistance

  • 2018-19 Tuition


    • Tuition for the full-day program is $2,200 per month


    • Tuition for the part-day program is $1,200 per month 


    If a child is offered a space in the Early Learning Center, the family will be asked to make a deposit of first month’s tuition to hold the space within 14 days of notification by MPCSD.



    2019-20 Tuition Assistance

    Tuition assistance will be available for the 2019-20 school year on a sliding scale, based on income and family size (Family size includes the child, parents/primary caregivers living in the home with the child, and siblings under 18 living at home with the child). 


    Families earning less than the following amounts per year are eligible to enter the lottery for a scholarship (Based on 80% of Area Median Income for San Mateo County):


    • Family of 2: $84,300
    • Family of 3: $94,850
    • Family of 4: $105,350
    • Family of 5: $113,800
    • Family of 6: $122,250
    • Family of 7: $130,650
    • Family of 8: $139,100


    Fees for families receiving a scholarship will be based on income and will range from $52 to $877 a month for the full-day program and $26 to $439 for the part-day program.


    ELC Scholarship Family Fee Schedule

    English- Family Income Verification Form

    Spanish- Family Income Verification Form